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About Dandeli

Dandeli could be a natural environs for life together with tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, gaur, deer, antelopes, and bears. it’s the second largest life sanctuary in Karnataka and has been selected as a Tiger reserve in 2007. The jungle is additionally home to several types of reptiles and around 297 kinds of birds. The undulating streams, swaying bamboos, abundance of life, sylvan surroundings and trekking tracts create Dandeli sanctuary a novel holiday destination. observance animals is difficult ANd continually involves an element of luck. The sanctuary is home to the barking, noticed and ruminant, sloth bear, panther, tiger, gaur, elephant, wild dog, civet cat, bison, jackal, catarrhine and large opossum, besides a spread of vibrant birds and reptiles.

Dandeli River Rafting

Black Panther is one among the rarest animals within the wild, which is the most common type melanistic leopards that square measure by selection bredfor captivity in zoos, due to its selective breeding; the amount of black panthers found within the world is limited.Official records say that there square measure few of them existing in Dandeli life Sanctuary. observance the animal is incredibly rare and principally depends on tourist’s luck however there square measure folks so United Nations agency have actually seen the mysterious black felid glide through the forest. The dark coloration of the panthers offers them an enormous looking advantage.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka is the heavenly abode for nature lovers. The rich and abundant flora and fauna of Dandeli forest attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world .Dandeli jungle reminds us the paradise with its rare and exceptional reptiles, rich and abundant forest with its wild habitat and enticing birds. Major part of the rich and invaluable jungle of Dandeli and its surroundings has been covered by Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. But ever since its authorization on 10 th May 1956 date ,unfortunately it has reduced a bit in size but fortunately Anshi National Park in Dandeli has been incorporated in Sanctuary, whose covered area is 834.16 square kilometers. The highest altitude point is Hegada Temba in this region.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary unfolds itself before the visitors its beautiful found. The mammal lovers get a golden opportunity to sight various ones here. There are sloth bears which are pretty and strange looking creatures with long tongue and no upper incisor. They love termites and live on them. Barking deer is basically shy by nature and love solitude. Its sound is similar to that of a dog’s bark. The Indian pangolian is an interesting creature with over lapping scales and reminds us of a medieval knight in armors. They live on ants and termite’s .Malabar giant squirrel and Ratufa Indica are almost the size of dogs. They are shy and timid by nature and in order to save themselves flatten on the branches of the trees who doesn’t want to enjoy such an interesting fauna of Dandeli jungle .You feel really exited when you watch them.

Some resorts in Dandeli and Homestays offers you this activities ,for example Bison River Resort dandeli. Dandeli jungle is a heaven in Disguise to the lover of bird’s .Dandeli forest is evergreen, deciduous; lust forest which mainly includes bamboo and teakwood .The Dandeli forest contains variety fruits trees, medicinal and healing plants and other useful and precious wood. The variety of fruits grown here are means of survival for nearly 196 species of birds in this area. Only to name a few birds, Hornbill of 4 species out of 9 found in the world. Blue throated barbet, peregrine falcon, curious looking, Malbar and so on. Hornbill is quite large and is known for its yellow beak with a hard helmet on top called casqued.

The most suitable time to visit and enjoy the beauty of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is in between March and October. You need not get panic to visit this area. There is an easy access by road and rail, conveyance facility is plenty to avoid inconveniences to the visitors. The center is open between 6am to 6pm there are mini bus and open jeeps for jungle safari in the Dandeli forest, Karnataka. There are rest houses and tent for the visitors to halt for few days to relax themselves for example like Bison River Resort Dandeli and many more resorts and homestays. They are easily affordable by all the tourists of Dandeli, various adventurous water sports and relaxing ones are offered to you visitors here.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary not only enhances your happiness by sighting the flora and fauna but also the magnificent and gorgeous River kali, the visitors enjoy here the activities like White Water River Rafting ,a thrilling water sport liked by all ages groups. Rappelling is another adventurous activity which is suitable for youngsters. Trekking will take you into the relaxing to ones mind and body .Bird watching in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is very special for the lovers of nature .Throughout your journey and stay you need not worry about the charges for these packages because they are affordable by everyone as they are within your budget.