Kali Adventure Camp in Dandeli

Kali adventure camp. Dandeli is a premium hotel situated on the bank of river kali offering the cragginess of the wild forest and at the same time a contentment of being at home. The thrilling adventurous game conducted in the sanctuary causes adrenalin rush in the patrons body rejuvenating them. While the common dining area promotes the feeling of being one in their guests heart.

Till 31st AUG 19

Room Type Week Days Week Ends
Specail Room Rs.5696.00 Per Head Rs.6608.00/- Per Head
Room Rs.4944.00 Per Head Rs.5723.00 Per Head
River View Tents Rs.4643.00 Per Head Rs.5369.00 Per Head
Tented Cottage/MH Rs.4142.00 Per Head Rs.4779.00 Per Head
Dormitory Rs.2006.00 Per Head Rs.2360.00 Per Head

Till 31st AUG 20

Room Type Week Days Week Ends
Specail Room Rs.5180.00 Per Head Rs.6000.00/- Per Head
Room Rs.4503.00 Per Head Rs.5204.00 Per Head
River View Tents Rs.4232.00 Per Head Rs.4885.00 Per Head
Tented Cottage/MH Rs.3781.00 Per Head Rs.4354.00 Per Head
Dormitory Rs.1805.00 Per Head Rs.2124.00 Per Head



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